Book - Drive Your Happiness

Book - Drive Your Happiness

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Give yourself and those you care about the gift of mind health and happiness 

Would you rather?
  1. Regularly tune-up your car and keep it running smoothly?
  2. Have your car breakdown and leave you feeling stranded? 
Happiness is the oldest pursuit of man, however, one just has to look at the statistics surrounding mental health to realize that many people are far from happy. Drive Your Happiness uses the metaphor of driving a car to guide the reader to tune-up their mind health and achieve happiness as the outcome. 
Author, Karen Judge ignites readers to achieve and sustain a healthy and happy mind and live their happiest life. 

Presale incentives - 
Every preorder will include a ticket to 'The Roadtrip' - an experiential book club. ($70 bonus value.) Invite those you care about to join you in the fun. 
Upon your approval, your name will also appear as a Happiness Ambassador in the book. This will say to the world that you are willing to choose, become, spread happiness. It will also say that you are standing up for change for mental health. 
Please note that the proceeds from the presale of 'Drive Your Happiness' will go to TheUmatterProject. TheUmatterProject creates meaningful and impactful ways to spread health and happiness throughout the community. Connect with us on social media to follow the journey. 

Details for the sale of the book -
  • Single copy $25  
  • Buy one, give one $40
  • Buy 4, get 1 free  $100
  • Corporate bulk bundle of 50 books $950 (this bundle includes an employee lunch and learn - value $2000)
Shipping Details - You will receive an email when your book is ready for pickup at A Dose Of Happiness - 3rd level Bankers Hall, Calgary, Alberta. Shipping also available upon us to arrange.

Statistics show that each and every one of us will be touched by a mental health challenge within our lifetime. Whether through a loved one, friend, co-worker, or own self. Drive Your Happiness is intended to be the hope for change.