UMATTER Team Building Experience

UMATTER Team Building Experience

This session aims to inspire a person to take action toward mastering skills and building tools that support a healthy brain and mind.

Employees will be supported to understand how to make proactive mind health part of daily life. 

This session is energetic, creative and impactful.

Gather together your team and come get happy! Mental health is costing the economy and businesses billions of dollars every year and is destroying lives, families and communities. But there is GOOD NEWS! Book a UMATTER Team Building Experience and treat your team to an experience that will inspire them to power-up their mental wellbeing.

Humans are flying under their full potential when it comes to their mental health simply because we don't educate people on ways to develop skills and build tools that will help them achieve and sustain a healthy brain/mind. To educate people about proactive mind health and inspire them to make it a daily habit so to avoid a mental health challenge.

 The UMATTER Team Building Experience offers a fun and energetic opportunity to explore proactive mind health and the art of happiness all while connecting with your team.

 Session includes:

40 minute Happy Chat with Proactive Mind Health & Happiness Expert Karen Judge.

A copy of the book Drive Your Happiness for each person who attends.

Yummy brain healthy lunch or happy hour snack.

Creative experience - individual or group Dean Stanton paint-it-yourself art piece.

Please note - this experience can be hosted virtually or in our studio classroom where we provide a safe and COVID compliant experience.