Compound Happiness Necklace

Compound Happiness Necklace


Think of achieving happiness like compounding a penny. If you were to compound a penny each day, after 31 days you would have over 10 million dollars! Happiness works much the same. By practicing small happiness habits every day, your happiness will start to add up and compound into something greater. Wearing the Compound Happiness penny necklace will remind you to practice and choose happiness every day. Includes suggestions for 10 Daily Happiness Habits.

Cutomize your necklace with a coin from your birth year or a year that is significant to you. You can choose a Canadian or an American coin and necklace comes on a 40” chain unless otherwise requested. After ordering, send an email with the year and currency you prefer to

Both chain and coin holder are sterling silver. (Happiness circle is plated silver)

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