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When I ask people what they want out of life the first thing nearly everyone says is, "I want to be happy." But when I ask those same people to define happiness, often I watch them hesitate and struggle to answer or they may even tell me that they often feel sad. I am here as not only do I want to help people define happiness but I also want to help them achieve it. I hope you’re here because you want happiness too!

Hello, and welcome to A Dose Of Happiness! My name is Karen Judge and I am a Mind Health & Happiness Practitioner which means I help people upgrade the health of their mind and master the art of happiness. Whether through speaking, facilitating corporate workshops, one on one coaching, hosting retreats or live events, performing 'style your happy' makeovers, or the sale of happy themed products, my intention is to connect people to skills and tools that will support them to live their healthiest and happiest life.

At A Dose Of Happiness we are working to change the conversations and outcomes surrounding mental health through knowledge, understanding, action, and a whole lot of f-u-n.

We believe happiness is available for everyone and we are here to help people choose it - become it - share it.


Happiness is about Mind Health and having the skills to manage the thoughts in your mind and the words you attach to them.

-Karen Judge



Is your organization paying attention?


3-Step Mind Health & Happiness Workplace Training

  • Leadership & HR Mind Health & Happiness Session – First step

  • Employee Mind Health & Happiness Training – Second step

  • Chief Officer of Mind Health & Happiness’ Train-The-Trainer – Third step

    Other Services

  • Mind Health & Happiness Retreats

  • Lunch and Learns

  • Team building events

  • Webinars/On-line courses

  • One-on-One Mind Health & Happiness Coaching

  • Happy Styling

  • Live event


"Our company booked a workshop and we're glad we did. Not only did our team leave with great information, but most of us started taking action right away. Some of us are even integrating what we learned into our home life. Our team just hit our sales target this month and we're super excited as it's been awhile since we hit our goal. We attribute this accomplishment to a happier team.

Thank you! And know that we are now considering your training to develop an in-house Chief Officer of Mind Health & Happiness within our organization."
– Brendon  



Happy Hideaways

Could you, your co-workers, or friends use a mental health break? If so, let us plan a meaningful and memorable experience for your group. Stepping off the treadmill and status quo of work and life is a non negotiable step toward living a happy and successful life. That’s why we offer half-day, full-day and weekend Mind Health & Happiness retreats. Our goal is to uplift your spirit, spark your creativity, sooth your mind, and energize your body. We offer both private and public retreats for groups of all sizes and we host them in amazing places across Canada with international retreats coming soon. Message us if you’d like more information.

"My girlfriend and I attended your women’s full-day retreat last month and had a great time. We both needed a mental health break and our experience of coming to the retreat left us feeling uplifted and energized. We enjoyed meeting all the other women and the experience. We especially loved how peaceful we felt throughout the day and how we gained some great knowledge. We're hoping that you will offer a couple's retreat soon as we'd both love to bring our husbands next time."
– Deb                      

Happy Chats

Are you, or is someone you know struggling to feel happy? You just have to take a look at the stats surrounding mental health to understand that depression is now the #1 disability claim and that mental health affects us all. Although we don’t diagnose or treat illness we do create a safe and supportive space to talk and discover a wellness plan. We either meet our clients’ in person, or chat by phone or through video. We strive to empower and energize everyone we work with to go after their healthiest and happiest life. Life is not always easy and no one should ever feel alone in their sadness. Don’t be afraid to call us as we can help.

"I have learned so much about myself and the function of my brain during my coaching sessions. I like how simple, realistic, safe, compassionate and energetic the sessions are. I feel more in control of my life and my thoughts. It's been three months since I had my first session and in that time I've started my own business and no longer get overwhelmed by my problems or negative thoughts. 
I credit my success to better understanding the science behind Mind Health & Happiness and to being able to claim my power over my mind. I am forever grateful for A Dose Of Happiness.”
– Mark

Styling Your 'Happy'

Happiness never goes out of style as style sparks energy and we’re here to show you how. Book a Style Your Happy session and we’ll create a fun experience that will put a real kick in your step. Whether through a full makeover, sorting through your closet, shopping for new clothes, decorating your home or office, our goal is to ignite your energy, light up your senses and help you shine. Don’t ever underestimate the power of how wearing a great pair of shoes or hanging a fun piece of art on the wall can spark you to be your best. Contact us to book a session with one of our Happy Stylists.

" What an awesome and fun experience! My session not only made me feel good about myself but it boosted my energy and taught me about the value of personal style. I am having so much fun getting dressed as I now have a closet filled with items I love and that represent my personality and suit my body-type. I never knew shopping could be so fun and easy. Not to mention that I also know that I saved money in the end as I didn’t come home with a bunch of mistakes like I usually do. I will for sure be booking another session next season. Big thanks!
– Mariah

MegaDose Of
Happy Parties

Would you like to host the happiest party in town? If so, let's make it happen. Let us help you create a meaningful and memorable experience that will leave your friends equipped to live life happy. We have a team that can plan a delicious menu, create engagement, build energy, and facilitate fun-thought provoking activities and wellness tactics Guests can even shop from an assortment of happiness products from our Pop-in shop. Parties are available for groups of eight or more people and are custom created to meet the needs of each group. Contact us for pricing and further details.

"Thank you for organizing the bash for my 50th birthday party. My girlfriends all had a blast. I love my 'Compound Happiness' necklace they gave me, I wear it every day. I especially love how the necklace has a 1967 centennial penny to represent the year I was born. I am feeling pretty happy as I head into my 50's and I look forward to attending some of your events in the future." 
– Crystal

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Think of achieving happiness like compounding a penny. If you were to compound a penny each day, after 31 days you would have over 10 million dollars! Happiness works much the same. By practicing small happiness habits every day, your happiness will start to add up and compound into something greater. Wearing the Compound Happiness penny necklace will remind you to practice and choose happiness every day. Includes suggestions for 10 Daily Happiness Habits.

Cutomize your necklace with a coin from your birth year or a year that is significant to you. You can choose a Canadian or an American coin and necklace comes on a 40” chain unless otherwise requested. After ordering, send an email with the year and currency you prefer to getadoseofhappiness@gmail.com

Both chain and coin holder are sterling silver. (Happiness circle is plated silver)

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