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How do you define Happiness?

Hello, and welcome to A Dose Of Happiness! My name is Karen Judge, I’m a Mind Health & Happiness Speaker/Author/Coach. I promote and teach mind health, which is my way of saying positive mental health, and happiness as an outcome.

My education and research around mind health & happiness comes from studying positive psychology & neuroscience, the healthcare system, and my life story. I'm on a mission to create a happier and healthier world by changing the conversation and outcomes around mental health. And I plan to do it in a safe, fun, compassionate, and energetic way. 

Happiness starts with us but doesn’t end with us. Please join me as together we can make this a happier and healthier world.

Smiles always, Karen.

I myself define happiness as an emotional state that is created through the quality of our thoughts and actions. - Karen Judge

I myself define happiness as an emotional state that is created through the quality of our thoughts and actions. - Karen Judge


HappyChat Podcast

Grab your favorite drink, a cozy seat, sit back, relax and listen to the latest episode of HAPPY CHAT. This is where I interview a whole lot of experts on a whole lot of subjects that I connect to the subject of mind health and happiness. Whether I’m talking about money & happiness, a happier workplace, how to raise a happy teen, or even how your shoes can make you happy, the outcome of the message is always the same, and that’s how to live happier and healthier.


Please see how we can play together and be happy.


Do you belong to an organization, company, or group looking to increase engagement, impact health & happiness, and create culture?   Whether a Lunch & Learn, Corporate Workshop or a Keynote Speech, I will deliver a transformational strategy for you group. Working to connect and coach organizations and individuals, to resources and solutions, to help improve attitudes, and outcomes toward mind health and happiness, for the purpose of creating a happier, healthier, and engaged culture and lifestyle.

One on One Coaching

Do you jump out of bed each day feeling excited and energized? Are you living your best life? Would you like to increase your level of happiness? In this session you will learn the secret sauce to happiness, ways in which to manage sadness, and how to create your own personal roadmap to a happier and healthier life through mind health skills. Between possible and impossible are two letters and a state of mind." Charles De Gaulle. 

Styling Your Life “Happy”

Being Happy never goes out of style so let's "HYGGE"! Whether we shop for new clothes, clean your closet, decorate your house, energize and design your workspace, plan an event or party, the goal will be to bring a whole bunch of, charming, feel good energy into your life. Energy creates motion, motion creates emotion, and the emotions you feel become your life.

A Dose Of Happiness Parties

Would you like to throw the happiest party in town? If so, we can help. Food, wine, meaningful conversation, happy shopping, laughter, connection, and a whole bunch of fun. For groups of 6 or more. A version for young adults and children also available. Happiness is better when shared with others. 


Looking to create a vibrant and meaningful experience for a group of friends or for your organization? This is a wellness retreat based around mind health, happiness, and fun. We'll customize your trip based on your needs. Private retreats coming soon. He who creates the most memories has true wealth and achieves happiness.

For more details and information on all products and services please message us directly.


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