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Between possible and impossible are two letters and a state of mind – Charles De Gaulle.


Hello, and welcome to A Dose Of Happiness! My name is Karen Judge, and I’m a Mind Health & Happiness Speaker/Author/Coach and Stylist.

A Dose Of Happiness is a safe, positive, effective, transformational, and  fun space I've created to help people understand and experience a style of thinking I've developed called, 'Mind Health.' My years of education, research and life experience have given me the knowledge, compassion and skills to help create positive perspectives around the conversations and outcomes surrounding stress, anxiety and depression.

I've found that when you ask people what they want out of life one of the first things you'll often hear is, "I want to be happy." But when you ask these same people to define "happiness", you may find them struggling to answer and often learn that they are leading lives that are far from happy. It's not surprising to also hear that many of these people are suffering from the fastest growing illness in the world called depression. I am here as I intend to help people define happiness and take a pro-active approach toward the health of their mind.

Through public speaking, facilitating Mind Health workshops and retreats, hosting happiness events, performing style makeovers and through the sale of 'happy' products, my goal is to help people become mentally healthier and happier and live each day excited about life. How do I do this? By helping people claim their power over the thoughts in their head and the actions they take and I help ignite their energy to go after the life they want. I teach people how to drive their happiness by building a roadmap and creating an essential emergency kit filled with skills, tools, and strategies that will help them  manage stress, anxiety, sadness, or depression. I empower people to reach their potential and to show up for life. And did I mention I make if F-U-N?!

I'm so happy you're here! I'd love to learn more about you and your story and I'd love to share this journey toward happiness with you!

Smiles always,

Happiness is an emotional state developed by the pictures we create in our head and the words in which we attach to them. It's about knowing that you and your life is enough. It's about being excited to show up for life.  –Karen Judge

Happiness is an emotional state developed by the pictures we create in our head and the words in which we attach to them. It's about knowing that you and your life is enough. It's about being excited to show up for life. 

–Karen Judge



'ROH' Workshops

Return On Happiness (ROH) Workshops are designed for organizations and groups looking to improve  health and happiness among their people. ROH equals ROI for the mind and for the bottom line. With mental illness such as stress, anxiety, and depression as the number one disability claim a Happiness Lunch & Learn or a Happiness Workshop is a great first step toward creating change among your team. In each instance, I deliver content and teach tactics that help foster healthier, happier, more productive minds and successful outcomes.

One-on-One Happy Chats

Are you struggling to feel happy? Do you feel stuck? Well before you think you're the only one you'll be happy to hear, you're not alone. Let's get together and start the process of creating your own personal roadmap that helps you to lead a healthier, happier,and more fulfilling life. I can help you in person, by phone or through video chat sessions. I strive to make everyone I work with feel empowered and energized to go after their best self and live their most productive and happiest life.

Styling You 'Happy'

Happiness never goes out of style and style can bring energy and happiness to a person's life. A style makeover is a fun, low-stress way to get together and talk happiness while we shop for a new you. We can shop for new clothes, clean your closet, decorate your house or workspace - together we will ignite your energy as we create your own personal style. A positive change creates emotion and emotion creates motion. Sometimes style is just the thing that can spark you to move into a more 'positive' direction. :-)

MegaDose Of Happy Parties

Would you like to have the funnest, happiest party in town? If so, let's make it happen. This 'party' is more than eating, drinking and chatting - it's an event that includes deep,meaningful conversations while engaging in fun-thought provoking activities and wellness tactics. You also get to shop happiness products to take home and use afterward. This MegaDose of Happiness is best suited to groups of eight or more. Contact me for details on how we together can tailor an event that suits you. After all, happiness happens when hanging out with good friends. 


Who couldn't use a mental health break?  If you, or  the people in your organization need one, sign up for a positive mind health Happiness Hideaway session. Join either a public session or arrange a customized retreat especially designed for you and your group. Full and half day sessions are available. (Destination Happiness Hideaways are in the works and will be announced as they are available.) 

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A big THANK YOU to everyone who came to the screening of, 'I'll Push You'! Stay tuned for more great events coming in 2018!

It was a wonderful night of friendship, positive mental health chats and much HAPPINESS!  You can see a preview of the film here:



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