Founder - Karen Judge

Intention: Be in service to humanity. 
Purpose: Build the world's most wondrous platform where people can come to protect their mind health and experience happiness. 
Passion: Shine a bright light on mental health through Proactive Mind Health and The Science of Happiness. 
Mission: Inspire and empower people to make proactive mind health a daily habit and prevent a mental health challenge. 
Strength: Meet people where they are at and make them feel like they matter.

I started this business because I am obsessed with positively impacting the conversations and outcomes surrounding mental health. My family has been hit hard by mental illness, with my mother being hardest hit. Because of unresolved depression, my mother remained in bed, in our family home, for close to twenty years. I wish for NO person to suffer like she did. Then years ago I faced my own challenges when after years of battling illnesses, I lost my mother, father, sister, and brother within months of each other. It was like watching a train wreck and I was left to pick up all the pieces. I was a hot mess and had the perfect conditions to experience my own brain health challenge, but fortunately, I created a different path. That is when I started researching the brain/mind/body connection through neuroscience, biology, positive psychology, human potential, and mental health. After a decade of research, I discovered opportunities and possibilities for achieving and sustaining a healthy mind and experiencing happiness. By taking action against what I learned, I now pride myself on my mind health and happiness, with the best part being that I work to inspire others to do the same. 
I created this business as a place for people to come to enhance their mind health through whole-self wellbeing and eudaimonic happiness, so to live life healthy and happy, by being whole and complete.