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We work with visionary leaders aiming to lead positive change surrounding employee mental health and organizations that what to be known for excellence surrounding employee wellbeing. We offer a comprehensive program to incorporate Proactive Mind Health into corporate culture.  Our research shows the positive outcomes of supporting people to prevent a health challenge versus reactive care.

The benefit of our program is less employee absenteeism, more productivity, engagement, building strong relationships, innovation, less disability claims, employees enjoying their job, and attracting the best and the brightest talent.

Here are our three offerings surrounding Employee Mind Health and Happiness:

  1. The Power Up Hour - If you are looking to enhance employee Mind Health and Happiness this is a great place to start. During this session we address skill building solutions for a healthy mind, all while inspiring people to embrace their potential. The session is based on solid research, proven science, creativity, playfulness, consciousness, and fun. The result is moving your people in a positive direction. Cost $1200.
  2. Meeting of the Minds - This is where we dive deeper by understanding where you and your people are at then presenting direction. Through our Tune-Up Inquiry, we will get you on the road to understanding and supporting the needs of your people. This experience is designed to be safe, simple, and easy to inspire and support your people to protect and enhance their Mind Health. Happiness is the outcome! Cost $1500 
  3. Employee U/MATTeR Full Transformative Experience - This offer is  designed to transform mental health in the workplace. Not only does it include steps 1 & 2 but also a custom created plan of action surrounding your specific needs and access to our Membership Program. This experience aims to deliver positive results within 60-90 days through ongoing measuring and reporting. It also aims to integrate Proactive Mind Health into Corporate Culture. Our research shows this is the future of workplace mental health. Cost $6400

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