We work with visionary leaders aiming to lead positive change surrounding employee mental health and organizations that what to be known for excellence surrounding employee wellbeing. We offer a comprehensive program to incorporate proactive mind health into corporate culture.  Our research shows the positive outcomes of supporting people to prevent a health challenge versus reactive care.

The benefit of our program is less employee absenteeism, more productivity, engagement, building strong relationships, innovation, less disability claims, employees enjoying their job, and attracting the best and the brightest talent.

Here is our 4-step process

  1. Leadership consultation – Meeting an organization where they are at, establishing a baseline for employee whole-self wellbeing, and presenting a plan of action to protect and enhance the mind health and happiness of their people.
  2. Membership – Supporting and guiding an organization to make mind health part of corporate culture. From our Tune-Up Inquiry to coordinating team-building experiences, workshops, and keeping clients on top of the latest research surrounding mind health and the science of happiness, we make it easy, obtainable, and transformative to support the wellbeing of your people. Think of what we offer like outsourcing your HR needs, but for employee mind health. Our promise is that we will make it easy to lead positive change surrounding employee mental health. Our commitment is that we will support you along the way.
  3. Train a Chief Mind Health Officer to sustain and enhance a proactive mind health program and create a ripple effect.
  4. Create a mind health space in the office where employees can go to enhance their mind health and power-up their energy.